Alex Machidon

Born in Romania, raised in Southern Ontario, Alex loved music from a young age. He grew up with The Wailers and The Beatles at home and when his friend got a guitar, his interest was piqued.  He started to meet other musicians and saw how much fun they were having.  His love of listening started to turn into love of playing and eventually formed  the band “The Droops” with his high school friends.  Practicing devotedly, they grew from a dinky garage band to one that got the respect of their mentors and started getting an enthusiastic fan base.  Playing many festivals and bars, their career culminated in a live album recorded at the legendary Horseshoe Tavern in Toronto. When Alex moved to Montreal he joined the top 40 band "Finesse", and performed six nights a week for several months as the singer in the house band at hotels in Jakarta, Indonesia and Shenzhen, China.  


Returning to Canada, he continued to perform with different musicians and write songs. In time he moved to the Yukon where he met Roxx Hunter and eventually joined Soul Migration.  In the Yukon he has played at many events and festivals including Frostbite, Brave New Works and Moonstroke.  Alex continues to write and play and he is thrilled to be part of Soul Migration.