David Sutton

David Sutton got interested in music while he was in high school.  He began learning Beatles songs with his friends and in his last year of high school performed in the very first Music Art and Drama program (now M.A.D.D) at the Yukon Arts Centre.  David had been accepted to the Theater Program at Sheridan College in Ontario, but by the end of his first year, his passion for music had blossomed to the point of near addiction.  On his drive back across Canada, he stopped in Nelson to audition for their music program and was accepted on the spot.  After a year there, David traveled extensively across Canada and Great Britain before studying Jazz for two years at St. FX in Nova Scotia.


David capped off his education by studying music therapy and compled his internship at the Yukon Child Development Center.  During all this time he has dabbled in many bands and genres including Funk, Circus Metal and Jazz to name a few.  One of his favorite projects has been "Pigs on a Wing", a Pink Floyd Cover band, and one of his most memorable moments with them was playing the Pit in Dawson at -55 to a full house. David is an accomplished piano player, singer and song writer.