Pam Phillips

Pam’s early life was filled with the music of the early 60’s. She was also influenced by her Dad, who played jazz piano, and at the age of 14, got her first guitar. Pam taught herself to play and sing folk songs, and when the British invasion began, she got an electric guitar and her passion turned to the songs of the Beatles, Stones, Cream, Led Zeppelin and Jimi Hendrix to name just a few. 


When Pam was 19, she dropped out of college where she was studying music theory - and joined her first rock band, “Shady Lady”. They were one of the first all-female bands to emerge from the Pacific Northwest in the early 70’s. They toured across Canada and the US before she joined another all-female band based out of Las Vegas - a show band where she continued to tour extensively. Pam spent over a decade touring with other various Top-40, Funk and Rock bands, where she learned the rules of “life on the road”. 


In the early 80’s, Pam joined the all-female band, the Cover Girls, and their travels brought her to new places including Germany and the Great North.  While touring in the Yukon, she met her future husband, the talented Bernie Phillips. After she settled in Whitehorse she got established as the bass player and guitar player with different house bands at the Capitol Hotel, including the Flaming Groovies, the Metre Maids and the Agents of Chaos.


In 1986, the classic Yukon band The Rinkbinders were formed.  They wrote many excellent songs and performed many shows, but two incredible highlights of their career was being the arts ambassadors for the Yukon at Expo 86 in Vancouver and playing at the 1988 Olympics in Calgary.  With too many bands, festivals and tours to mention, Pam has been a celebrated and sought after musician for many years and we are fortunate to have her in Soul Migration.