Roxx Hunter

Born in Detroit rock city, Roxx has been into music as far back as he can remember.  He grew up hearing hymns and Americana tunes on the piano in his house; on the radio was gospel and popular music from the 50's and 60's.  He also started listening to rock bands like Bon Jovi, Def Leppard and Guns and Roses.


Roxx picked up the guitar and started learning on his own.  After working hard to get an electric guitar and an amp he started lessons with the legendary Robbie MacKay.  That was it; he had found his calling.  He started playing with local musicians and going out to the jams and his career started to blossom.  Over the years Roxx has had experience in almost all facets of the music business including working as a sound technician, music teacher, studio musician and music juror.  He also volunteers his time for different events and fundraisers.


Roxx is most known for his fiery guitar licks, but he is also a talented bass player, singer and song writer.  His skills and persona have led him to too many bands and stages to mention, he has played across Canada and performed in a house band in Shanghai, performed in China, Europe, the Middle East and Shanghai. He has performed on TV and radio and shared the stage with many award winning musicians.  Roxx continues to give his heart and soul to the craft he loves; we are lucky for all the work he does.